How to Make and Design Naked Eye 3D LED Screen?

The Naked Eye 3D LED display allows people to watch the large 3D LED screen without wearing glasses. This is a new type of LED screen. Compared with the traditional LED screen, more differences come from the realistic 3D visual experience. The customized 3D video perfectly integrates the LED display into your building. It breaks through the functional limitation of only using the LED display for advertising. Instead, it helps build a new public multimedia space.


Naked Eye 3D LED Display Makes Your Building Popular.

The 3D glassesless screens, by displaying realistic 3D high-definition videos, attracted a lot of people to watch, and people proactively shared it on social platforms. That brought more widespread dissemination on the Internet, which in turn led to more and more people come to watch.

For example, South Korea’s SM TOWN’s 3D wave screen is well known as a glasses-free 3D LED display. It has become an outstanding case of LED display application in 2020 and has been widely spread.

south korea’s sm town’s 3d wave screen
south korea’s sm town’s 3d wave screen

Gradually, some well-known building owners and famous companies began to cooperate with other good LED display manufacturers to customize the Naked Eye 3D LED displays.

taikoo li chengdu 3d led screen
taikoo li chengdu 3d led screen

They created successful cases such as the spaceship in Taikoo Li Chengdu.
A 900 sqm, LianTronics L-shaped, curved video wall in China has gone viral on social media, as it appears to show a ‘3D’ spaceship emerging from the screen.
Writing across multiple social media accounts, immersive art entrepeneur and LinkedIn influencer Dorothy Di Stefano, who was featured in AV Magazine in July, wrote: “The effect of depth, which gives the illusion that the spaceship is flying out of the building is achieved without special devices and glasses but can only be viewed from a certain angle.”

kaisa city plaza 3d led screen
kaisa city plaza 3d led screen

The other one created successful cases in Kaisa City Plaza in Guangzhou.
In these cases, the curved glasses-free LED screens not only promote the enterprise brand, but also form a landmark building.

So, How To Make A Glasses-Free 3D LED Display?

Principle of 3D Display: Below, let’s briefly introduce its principle.
As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complex nervous system. And everything the human eye sees is actually three-dimensional.

What a person’s two eyes see are actually two tiny different pictures. And this subtle difference is achieved due to the small distance between the two eyeballs of a person.
This subtle difference allows the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between objects. We can also feel the distance and size of objects, which is the sense of 3D space.

principle of 3d display1

The ordinary 3D display uses this principle of different images in the left and right eyes. For example, in a 3D movie, the content of the viewer’s left and right eyes is separated by glasses.
In this way, the two glasses can obtain the images of the left eye and the right eye respectively, and then present 3D image in the brain.

principle of 3d display2

Main Factors to Make a Sucessful Glasses-free 3D LED Display.
How to make a 2D image produce a 3D effect?

1. Reference Object

One key is to make good use of the reference object. The screen constructs a 3D effect with the help of the distance, size, shadow, and perspective relationship of the reference object. Just like below sketch, painters can use pencils to draw 3D images on paper.
Below, we divide the ordinary picture into several layers by white lines, and then enable the animation part to “break through” the white lines, covering other elements of the layer, and then using the parallax of the eyes to form a 3D illusion.

3d image onedisplay1

The 3D wave screen of the SM building uses the shadow of the background as a static 3D reference line, so that the moving waves have a feeling of breaking through the screen.

3d wave screen

2, Curved LED Screen

This is not enough. Have you discovered that the recent popular 3D screens are all angled curved screens composed of two faces? That is to say, they use the two walls at the corners. The display screen folds 90°, using video materials that conform to the perspective principle. The left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image. When people stand in front of the corner, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, showing a realistic 3D effect. The following is a simplified animation of 3D ocean waves to show you the principle.

3d image 02 onedisplay

3, Specially-made 3D Video Contents

The most important factor to create glasses-free 3D led screen is the 3D video content. Do you know how important video material is to create a 3D display? Even a flat LED display screen, it can produce a good 3D effect with the right content. Please refer to the following video. You can also feel the 3D visual effect on this very common flat outdoor led display.

What Is The Great Value Of Making These Huge 3D Glasses-Free Screens?

Through these LED display application cases, we can see that more and more people are focusing on creating high-quality content and special atmosphere.

1,Create a public art media space
It can transform the building into a landmark combining art and technology.

2,Increase brand value
This form of outdoor advertising can not only spread the brand, but also use artistic content to establish a brand image, thereby increasing brand value.

3,Leading the new direction of technology
3D LED display is a new breakthrough in the field of outdoor display, and the interactive 3D display is also the direction of future screen development.

4,Pursue beauty
People will always have a desire for beautiful things, even in outdoor public spaces. People’s pursuit of visual experience is constantly developing towards creativity, novelty, and fun.

What Are The Limitations Of 3D LED Screen In Commercial Applications?

Although 3D screens are so popular, at present naked-eye 3D LED screen still has certain limitations in commercial applications.

3D content production costs are high
First of all, the production cost of creative content ranges from 500 US dollars per second to several thousand US dollars per second. Not all customers can afford such high costs.

Each screen requires customized 3D content
For curved glasses-free 3D screens, there is only one direction for the best viewing angle.
In addition, 3D content needs to adapt to the screen shape, sizes, viewing angles, and other parameters. It is difficult to copy content in different locations and on different screens. Therefore, each additional large LED screen requires additional time and costs for the 3D content production.

Avoid visual fatigue
Taking into account the enthusiasm of people’s perception of creative contents, in order to avoid people’s visual fatigue, the actual broadcast cycle of naked-eye 3D advertisements is usually very short. That is not suitable for the daily commercial placement of outdoor LED media.

How to combine content with brand?
The most difficult thing is that creativity reflects commercial value. So how to integrate with customers’ products and brands is the key to achieving advertising effects.  Not only making the video very attractive, it is also best to match the customer’s marketing needs.

Key Points For Making A Successful Outdoor Giant 3D Naked Eye Display:

1. Enough pixels to create rich details
Outdoor giant screens larger than 500 square meters which has enough pixels is very suitable for achieving naked-eye 3D effects.

2. Higher contrast and HDR (high dynamic range)
The naked-eye 3D LED display with high refresh rate, high grayscale and high contrast can not only express the details of the dark and bright parts clearly and vividly, but also can easily display realistic 3D content. The realistic effect makes the audience feel the immersive experience effect.

3. Best viewing distance and range
Outdoor display screens are usually located in the center of business districts, or at crossroads, or in squares. In short, it is a place where people often come and go.
Therefore, it is recommended to make it into an arc shape, because the large-span screen can ensure that pedestrians are always in the best viewing area.

4. As light as possible and easy to maintain
During the installation process, due to the large area of the entire screen, it is necessary to consider the load-bearing capacity of the building and try to choose ultra-light outdoor cabinets to ensure safety and stability after installation.
The easy-to-maintain feature reduces the maintenance cost and time in the later period, and maximizes the ROI.

5. Less power consumption
A screen with a huge area will generate a lot of power consumption for long-term use. And the higher the brightness, the greater the power consumption will be. Therefore, power consumption is also a concern.

6. Stable and reliable even in harsh outdoor environments
For outdoor use environment, the product needs to be tested under harsh outdoor conditions, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, etc. Stable and reliable products, even in harsh outdoor environments, they can be used for many years

7. Match the surrounding building environment
In order to produce public artworks, huge outdoor display screens need to be consistent with the overall design style of the building and seamlessly integrate with the environment.

The shape of the display screen and the content to be played also need to be integrated with the local culture and reflect the content of people’s attention.

8. Excellent video material
Excellent playback materials, by showing unexpected visual effects, make people impressed and give people a highly immersive visual experience.
For example, you can make video content according to special seasons, play 3D waves and marine life in summer to give people a cool feeling, or make characters or cartoons that everyone knows to immediately arouse people’s enthusiasm.

3D Led Screen Case Study

1. Center of business district
There is a huge outdoor LED display in the center of the business district, with a total area of 3788 square meters, built around both sides of the building.
The entire display screen takes into account the architectural aesthetics and integrates with the business district environment, while showing the prosperous city as well.
It also puts the pedestrian’s sight on the best viewing area, bringing a more immersive experience to the target audience.

center of business district

2. Park
The naked eye 3D screen is installed in the municipal park. The creative focus of the project is the flamingo, which symbolizes love.
It creates a natural habitat for flamingos and provides an excellent 3D landscape: a huge flamingo is attracted by the butterfly flying off the screen, and then rushes out of the screen to bring the butterfly into the garden.
The creative LED screen on the other side is in the shape of a huge wine glass, flowing with crystal clear liquid.


3. Old building renovation
Yunnan Kunming Golden Pavilion Department Store is a building with a long history. It is located in the core CBD business district of the city.
More than 1,400 square meters of outdoor LED displays are embedded in this old building, creating greater commercial value for advertising.
Through these LED display application cases, we can see that more and more people are focusing on creating high-quality content and a special atmosphere.

old building renovation

4. Media facade
The building facade has an original design. One of the most important requirements for building media facade is that it will not affect the original aesthetic design of the wall, which keeps the uniqueness of the building itself.
During the day, the pixel density and brightness are also enough to ensure that the video content on the screen is clearly visible and colorful.
In the evening, the naked-eye 3D screen brings shock to pedestrians passing by.

media facade

5. Crossroads / Street corner
3D LED display installed on the buildings at the crossroads or street corner is an excellent platform for brand and advertising. Pedestrians, drivers and passengers passing by on the road are the main audience.

street corner
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(ps:We can only provide you with Led displays that are compatible with 3D video, custom videos need to be made by local companies that create visual effects!)