Popularity of Led Displays is changing the Airport Experience

LED Displays For A New Airport Experience

Airports are one of the places that remain in hustle and bustle 24/7. Advertising within airports is nothing new. Static posters have been commonplace within transport hubs since they first began appearing however, over the last 10 years there has been a shift from predominantly static platforms to the introduction (and now widespread installation) of digital displays.

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More and more airports are supporting the digitization of advertisements thus, making Led Display dominate the world of print media advertising. This investment has enhanced the consumer experience at many levels. They are not only the reason behind a better travel experience but also a great way of guiding confused travelers regarding destinations and delays.

Advantages Of Led Displays In Airport Applications

It is a very common challenge in the world of transportation like airports to convey their product or service to the people. Due to the nature of urgency of such places, people often have no time to read static advertisements anymore.

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Engagement is key to customer experience. There are plenty of ways to engage audiences, from user-generated content such as on-screen selfies or the chance to get their message seen on screen, through to brand activation from both airport retailers and larger international brands.

Moreover, LED screens can help improve customer experience enormously. effective and strategic placements of such screens can help in reaching the right audience at the right time. Screens with interesting and engaging content can entertain, help reduce perceived waiting times, speed up processes and can also help reduce confusion by directing, informing and updating travelers.

Choosing The Right Display LED

Initially, the technology of choice was LCD however with sizing, visibility of content and screen glare in bright areas all presenting an issue, a move began toward LED installations.

Hence, the display LED came into existence. LED screens allow for creative boundaries to be pushed in terms of both the physical build and the content being produced, it can be built to fit any size and shape and viewing ability is not affected by daylight or brighter areas. Plus the dimness or brightness does not affect the visibility level at all. It has allowed a clean and creative way to entertain the audience in a very different yet interesting way.

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Application Scenario

Below we run through how these powerful Led Display platforms are currently being used and show some of our favorite installations from around the world.

Important Messages

The reason why LED Screens have taken over airports is their multipurpose uses. They aren’t just for targeting consumers. It plays a vital role in displaying up airport alerts and messages.




Led Screens work perfectly for both travelers as well as operators. They help in keeping the travelers up-to-date by providing information every second. Flight time reminders, gate and boarding details, as well as updates regarding delays, are all vital in reducing confusion and making check-in, security checks and boarding a calm and efficient process.

Entertainment Information

No one opts for this wait in their lives but they can’t help it either. So LED screens are a brilliant way of transforming life at the airport. The wait can turn into something amusing for the audience, making them feel more relaxed and less anxious waiting for that flight. Screens placed in high traffic, long dwell time areas (check-in, security, lounges) that play entertaining content such as news, weather forecasts, sports, digital artwork, quizzes and information regarding destinations, can all help reduce perceived waiting times and stop travelers from becoming bored or agitated.

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An Excellent Opportunity to Advertise

The number of flights performed globally by the airline industry increased steadily since the early 2000s and reached 38.9 million in 2019. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of flights dropped to 16.9 million in 2020. However, it is believed that after the outbreak is over, there will be more explosive growth in the number of flights. That’s a lot of people!

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If we go to the depth behind LED Screens in an airport, it goes much deeper than just providing entertain and engaging content. It is a very big market where all kinds of people come and go. They are the ideal large audience that any brand anticipates targeting.

The airport audience is an ideal market, where people often make impulse buying. Brands get a full house all the time. This is a great opportunity to create and advertise something that instantly appeals to the waiting customers. Airports are a valuable revenue generator for brands that aim to target a large audience.


The use of Display LED has helped transform the life and traveling experience at airports. And this transformation is not only good but vital for a new and improved airport experience. They are giving a new meaning to the world of airports.

It has become a source of unique customer experience, entertainment, engagement, advertisement, and guidance. The help it is rendering to the audiences is exemplary. This is why they are becoming more and more popular. They almost have no limitations and are great in helping the brands’ creativity to bloom. Thus, making it a very useful investment that proves its worth now and even in the future.