42SQM Outdoor Waterproof Transparent Led Screen Delivery to Stage events in Italy

Our Black GOB rental waterproof transparent LED screen has shined on the world stage!

Together with Rock Band #Negramaro who ever created an Italian propaganda song “Un Amore Così Grande 2014″ in the World Cup;
Together with San Remo Music Festival “Sanremo2021”;
From indoor rental LED screen to outdoor rental transparent LED screen;
From VR studio to XR studio;

Our Rental Transparent LED screen perfectly integrated with the performers and singers to create wonderful and inconstant stage effect whether on a real stage or a virtual stage.
Our product makes the stage more technological and art more artistic, We are providing the most basic equipment for the world’s most high-end events.

Product Features:

1. Watwerproof IP65, Enable To Use In Outdoor And Indoor Various Environment Conditions.
2. Edge Protection Design Avoid Led Collision For Longer Lifespan.
3. High Protective Against Collision, Statics, Collision, Moisture, Dust Etc, Better Ensurance For Long-Term Usage.
4. Easy And Quick For Installation And Maintenance. Standadized Cast Aluminum Design With Quick Locks And Connetors For Fixed And Rental Installations. Light Weight, Utra -Slim, Easy For Installation And Maintenance.


42sqm outdoor waterproof transparent led screen3

42sqm outdoor waterproof transparent led screen5

42sqm outdoor waterproof transparent led screen4