66m² customized High Transparency LED Display will lighting in Saudi Arabia soon

In this world, many design companies have lots amazing digital display design ideas, however when choosing a solution, they may find it’s very difficulties to find factories who willing to help their customization or the customization costs are very high. In COSAWO, you can always find strong back up designers team, as well as innovative solutions packages, which can help your innovative idea easy to come true.

Recently, we honored won and joined in a customized project 66m² total 9 pieces customized High Transparency LED Display in Saudi with our Spain partner, to achieve the best displaying visual effect, we have studied market almost possible solutions that could be used to improve the visual performance at the same time keep it’s possible to allow easy maintenance.

66m² customized transparency led display1
Totally 9 different faces with nonstandard sizes.

To achieve maximum beautiful possibility, we have customized:

1. 11 different customization cabinets to allow maximum transparency.
2. 11 different customization HUB cards
3. 11 different length led strips from 300mm – 1500mm.
4. 11 different acrylic PC cover
5. 26 different customization structures and connectors to allow front acrylic cover at the same time allow totally front led strips maintenance

66m² customized transparency led display2
Customized Cabinet 1500x1000mm
66m² customized transparency led display3
Customized hanging beam and L connector
66m² customized transparency led display4
Customized front maintenance connector
66m² customized transparency led display5
Try every Acrylic PC cover to screws to make sure precise assemble on customer installation site
66m² customized transparency led display8
Simulate on-site assembly of all accessories
66m² customized transparency led display7
Led Screen Aging Experiment
66m² customized transparency led display6
Led Screen Aging Experiment
66m² customized transparency led display9
Packing and shipping

Any customization Transparent led display projects, welcome contact COSAWO now !