The advantages of buying LED displays from China

When you purchase LED displays, you need to consider more issues, because as an engineering product, it involves more installation, use, and after-sales issues. Now 80% of China’s electronics production comes from Shenzhen, and almost all LED displays are produced in China. When you are purchasing LED displays, there is a high probability that you will come into contact with products and suppliers from China. Chinese products and suppliers have many advantages.

Shenzhen is not only China’s but also the world’s, capital of electronics manufacturing, It is also the largest trading port in China. This is the place where anything that fits into the consumer electronics category is assembled, packed, and exported to the rest of the world. LED screens are not an exception – a quick search on reveals that there are very few LED screen manufacturers that aren’t based in Shenzhen.

There’s a reason 98% of China’s LED screen manufacturers are located in Shenzhen – the well-established and (fairly) efficient components and materials supply chain. LED screen manufacturers are assembling components purchased from subcontractors in or near Shenzhen. Proximity to the subcontractors is a critical factor in manufacturing. Assembling an LED screen requires thousands of components – delivery times and transportation costs certainly add up on the bottom line.


So, What Is The Advantages Of Buying LED Displays From China?

1. Good quality and cheap

China currently has the most complete LED display industry chain in the world. The most direct consequence of this is a substantial reduction in production costs, and it can quickly respond to market feedback and customer needs, and launch new products. Now Chinese suppliers can launch a new product as soon as 45 days. Not only that, Chinese upstream suppliers like NationStarNOVA, etc., have their technology comparable to those of major international manufacturers. So you don’t need to worry about quality at all

2. More choices

There are currently more than 2,000 LED display suppliers in China, 80% of which are located in Shenzhen. High-end brands include ROE, LEDYARD, YAHAM, and first-line brands: Absen, Unilumin, However, in recent years, some emerging brands have performed well, such as COSAWO. This company not only has a complete product range but also performs well in market segments, such as transparent LED displays. Currently, the company has two exclusive products including 2.6-2.6, 3.47-3.47

3. Professional and dedicated employees

Most practitioners have worked in this industry for many years and have extensive experience. They can not only help solve the various problems of customers efficiently, but also understand the needs of customers, and truly do what they want and what they want. For example, Andrew of COSAWO has been working in the LED industry for ten years. He is an excellent technical engineer. All your technical questions can be answered here.

4. With customized products

Customizing a product for a project can only be done by Chinese suppliers in the world. In December 2020, COSAWO customized the world’s first P2.6-2.6 transparent screen for their French customers, helping customers solve the problem of transparent screen resolution.

5. Always Deliver What We Promise

Be responsible for product quality in the warranty period, Beyond the warranty period, in addition to the necessary costs, we also provide unlimited assistance to help you troubleshoot problems, replacement parts.