Outdoor Cube LED Display For Retail

Outdoor Cube LED Display For Retail

  • 10 YearsIndustrial experience
  • We offer a 3-year warranty
  • Dedicated post-sale support
  • Export LED screens up to 68 countries

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C-Cube Series:
C-Cube Series Outdoor Led Cube can be used as Advertising or information Publishment at Company LOGO Wall, Art Gallery, Exhibition, Chain Store, Airport, High-End Club, Restaurant&Hotel, Shopping Mall, Subway etc.

Key Features:
1. Waterproof IP65, enable to use in outdoor and indoor various environmental conditions.
2. High brightness, More than 6000nits with Hidden wire design.
3. User-friendly device, Plug and play use.
4. Lightweight and easy installation.
5. Smart designing with different dimensions.

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