Outdoor Fixed Installation Led Display

Outdoor Fixed Installation Led Display

  • 10 YearsIndustrial experience
  • We offer a 3-year warranty
  • Dedicated post-sale support
  • Export LED screens up to 68 countries

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C-SMART Series:
C-Smart series is not restricted by the installation environment, it can meet most outdoor fixed installation scenarios in the market due to the simple cabinet splicing. For instance, covering but not limited to conventional stacking projects, base installation projects, single/double column type for broadcast projects, and outdoor wall-mounted large billboard projects etc.

Key Features:
1. Front & Rear dual service option for outdoor fix installation,
2. 90-degree angle&Flat led screen with the same module,
3. IP67 Module with lightweight only 29KG/Panel,
4. Noise-free, elegant housing design,
5. High reliability, wide application and brightness up to 10,000 nits.



Slim And Lightweight Design

C-Smart series, lighter than conventional cabinets in the market, with a high-grade aluminum alloy frame, great precision and concise modeling, designed to be 29 kg, thickness for 90mm, making the transport easily. Besides, years of industrial accumulated mature experience guarantee the structure designs High stability, High durability and High installation safety.

outdoor fixed installation led display

Strong Heat Dissipation

Aluminum material is more durable and stable than traditional steel one, the module uses aluminum alloy back shell and the power supply uses aluminum power box to quicken the heat dissipation, and to make the electronic components can be cooled down fast, which give the screen a longer life span.

outdoor fixed installation led display

Cable Free With Dual Sockets

Dual power/signal ports, with hidden design, a module designed with 45° angle, supporting left/right modules interchangeable connection. Moreover, we use signal pin dual sockets which is easy to replace modules. So there is no need to confuse about the direction.

outdoor fixed installation led display

Fast Front/Rear Maintenance

For front maintenance, the modules, power supply, receiving card and other components can be disassembled from the front, which is convenient to maintain the screen.
At the same time, traditional rear maintenance is also supported. You can choose the maintenance way according to the situation.

outdoor fixed installation led display

Extremely Protective Method IP67

To make the function of the LED screen safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rains and strong winds, which can let electronic parts avoid being affected by dampness and dust.

outdoor fixed installation led display

Quick Disassembly Power Supply Box

Power supply box supports front disassembly to maintenance, It has advanced locking system and mini-cable connector, easily locking the units on a simple framework, which all make your installation easier and faster, also lower your cost.

o smart 6

High Flatness

Aluminum alloy frame is processed by CNC, flatness can be controlled within 0.5mm, which is much better than the traditional fabricate metal cabinet.

o smart 7


o smart 8
o smart case
o smart 10
o smart case


ITEM P3.91 P4.81 P6.25 P7.8 P10.4
Pixel Pitch 3.91mm 4.81mm 6.25mm 7.8mm 10.4mm
LED Lamp Bead Model SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727
Module Size(W*H) 500*250mm 500*250mm 500*250mm 500*250mm 500*250mm
Module Resolution(W*H) 128 x 64dots 104 x 52dots 80 x 40dots 64 x 32dots 48 x 24dots
Module Pixels 8192dots 5408dots 3200dots 2048dots 1152dots
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 1000mm×1000mm 1000mm×1000mm 1000mm×1000mm 1000mm×1000mm 1000mm×1000mm
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 256 x 256dots 208 x 208dots 160 x 160dots 128 x 128dots 96 x 96dots
Density of Pixel (dots/m2) 65,536dots 43,264dots 25,600dots 16,384dots 9,216dots
Best viewing distance ≥4 m ≥5 m ≥6.5 m ≥8 m ≥11 m
Brightness(cd/m2) 6000nit 6000nit 6000nit / 9000nit 6000nit / 9500nit 6000nit / 10000nit
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Cabinet Weight(kg/m2) 29kg/m2
Maintenance Way Front & Rear
Viewing angle 140°/140°
Protection level IP67
Gray scale 14bit-22bits
Driving method 1/8 1/7 1/5 1/4 1/2
Refresh rate 1920Hz – 3840Hz
Operating platform Windows XP /7/8/10
Signal Input DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.
Operating Voltage AC:100V~240V、50~60Hz
Maximum Power(W/m2) 800 800 720 650 650
Average power(W/m2) 265 265 240 220 220
Continuous working time ≥7×24hrs
Service life 100000Hours
Operating environment -20℃~50℃ 10%~90%RH

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