Shelf Billboard Led Screen

Shelf Billboard Led Screen

  • 10 YearsIndustrial experience
  • We offer a 3-year warranty
  • Dedicated post-sale support
  • Export LED screens up to 68 countries

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C-SHELF Series:

The electronic billboard on the shelf is your product endorsement!



GOB Shelf Signage

LED digital shelf edge technology capable of delivering dynamic pricing , promotion, product and brand related information at the shelf edge.

shelf led screen5

High Resolution

Adopted with GOB technology, High protection level, High resolution with 1.8mm pixel, High contrast ratio: 3000:1.

shelf led screen4

High Reliability And Stability

GOB technology is based on normal SMT, giving an exterior clear mixed glue vacume sealed protetcion, with good color peformance,high reliability and stability.

shelf led screen3

Easy Installation & Connection

Revolutionary design with magnet & shackle, No need tool, quickly install and remove.

shelf led screen2

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